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What is Talking Therapy?

Talking therapy is a unique space that helps people to reflect on different parts of their lives. Counsellors and Psychotherapists are trained to help people facilitate self awareness and change. In talking therapy the space provided is completely non-judgemental, a therapist has no personal bias towards their clients. The relationship between therapist and client is unique and one that does not exist in everyday life. 

What is Person Centred counselling?

The main philosophy in person centred counselling is that people have their own answers somewhere within themselves. Those answers may have gotten lost or obsucred by the circumstances of a persons life. It is 'non-directive' meaning that the counsellor will work with whatever the client brings to sessions. Counselling works by providing an environment in which the counsellor helps the client to reflect on their life through a new lens; helping that person to uncover the answers they have buried within. 

What is Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis (or TA) can be described as a social psychology. It uses a wide range of theories and models to look at the way people interact with each other, and within themselves. TA can help people to increase their self awareness as to how and why they may act in different situations. TA therapy can help a person to explore and learn where their thoughts, feelings and behaviours may have originated from. TA therapy can also help people to look at what elements of their personality are useful and which they may want to change.

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